The kjøre project differences starts with picking the right materials coming entirely from New Zealand and Europe, treated with the most ancient techniques of tanning. Using only the finest leathers, submitted to our treatments to obtain unique accessories characterized by signs of rough skin. Each piece is hand made, hand cut by the finest craftsmen, transmitting their incredible experience. All kjøre project ‘s products improve with time, instead of peeling and cracking as painted chromium tanned leathers do, Origins leather develops its own patina, changing gradually in appearance and taking on the character of its user over time. Each batch and color reacts differently. In order to achieve the character we desire, no set timetable can be held. The master tanner must process each drum individually and the cycle is complete only when, in his estimation, perfection in color and texture has been achieved. As the hides are carefully removed for drying, we see the remarkable transformation from rough and wrinkled crusts to smooth, supple, full-grained leather of outstanding quality and character. We specifically chose not to cover minor imperfections with paint sealers or artificial finishes, using only clear dyes in a range of colors that enhance rather than conceal the beautiful character of our natural premium leather.